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Why another web site?
Personal gratification!!!

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The male line
left to right, Mark, Kieran, Richard & Ryan

With the advent of social networking sites there is some peer pressure to present biographical material online. To a degree, an internet reference accessible through Google is only a substitute for an appearance in Who’s Who or Debretts, but it does give everyone an opportunity to profile themselves out of the anonymity of a world with 6.5 billion inhabitants.
Eventually, this web site will contain information about more family members, but for the moment it is mostly about me.

Although there are a number of internet links to me and my family they often underplay the extent of our involvement and fail to adequately credit successes or relativise failures and mistakes. This site adjusts this difficiency a little.
This web site, like many others, is subjective and, in the main, autobiographical, but nevertheless centralises much existing material and portrays a great deal more reality than hitherto available. If nothing else, this is a compendium of my life’s events. By its ongoing nature and nearly 70 years to cover it will take some time to get remotely near completion. As long as it amuses me and I'm still alive, I will continue. Inevitably, some events will not be mentioned and people missed out because of memory failure or just to protect them, or myself.


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