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Mainly about Cassowaries, Zoos and wildlife management
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2006. Conservation of Philippine Sailfin Lizards - A Project funding proposal (together with William Oliver)
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2007. Misrepresenting Cassowaries
2007. Russia - Agritourism Lecture at the University of Vologda
2008. Climate change and global warming: The real issues
2008. Another Ugly Fact?
2008. Phantoms of the Rainforest. Lecture at Imperial College, London to the British Ornithological Club
2009. The Cassowary species - an online guide
2009. Cassowary dung and DNA
2009. Happy Birthday Charles Darwin
2009. Cassowary conservation
2010. Taxonomy of the Genus Casuarius
2011. The taxonomic status of Casuarius bennetti papuanus and C.b. westermanni - Bull. B.O.C. 2011 131(1)
2012. The cassowary's casque: A new appraisal

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