Mr Donato Poblador


Negros Forests & Ecological Foundation

South Capitol Road

Bacolod City

Negros Occidental




November 27th, 2001



Dear Mr Poblador,

                                 In accordance with your instructions of October 15th, 2001 to formulate recommendations for the project aims of,


Negros Forests & Ecological Foundation, Inc.

Project Watershed


1.        Plans that will establish the expansion program of the Biodiversity Conservation Center of the foundation in the area.

2.        Plans that will be the basic foundation for an ecotourism industry in the area.

3.        Plans and programs that should enhance economic activities for the community.


these are contained in the following appendixes :-


Appendix I            General overview of project area

Appendix II          Biodiversity Conservation Center second phase

Appendix III         Potential for ecotourism

Appendix IV         Sustainable livelihood projects

Appendix V          General observations


Obviously, these are more like blueprints for further action. Some are at a more detailed stage than others due to the limitations of time and resources at my disposal. The NFEFI board must also make strategic decisions of commitment before further work can be started.

I would like to say how much I have enjoyed my stay here in the Philippines and hope to come again to work on Project Watershed. Your personal friendship to me has been of great support.

I would also like to thank Lillibet L'O, David Castor, Mayette Gersaniva, Dr. Emilia Lastica, Sheila Gonzaga, Dr. Cristina Georgii (DED), Ailsa Grieve (AYV), Reynic Alo (MUAD), Spyro Rodrigazo (GIS), Sirikit Posadas (Talisay City),  and several others, who were kind enough to offer help, information and advice without which this report could not have been made.  Concepts, language, errors and omissions are, however, my sole responsibility.

Yours sincerely



Richard Perron

SES Consultant

Bacolod City

November 27th 2001