Quantum Conservation and Tabunan Forest


Quantum Conservation e.V. is a small, charitable organization registered in Germany with the aim of preserving wildlife and biodiversity.Quantum Conservation is a non-profit making organization and all work is done on an unpaid, voluntary basis.


Quantum Conservation is particularly interested in Tabunan Forest for the following seven reasons:-

1.       Tabunan is the last ecologically viable remnant of primary forest remaining on Cebu.

2.       Tabunan contains at least seven bird and one tree species which are found nowhere else in the world.

3.       Tabunan is a vital watershed area for the island of Cebu.

4.       Tabunan has been the subject of many documents, official and unofficial, and after five years little has been achieved to preserve either the forest or itís wildlife.

5.       Tabunan exhibits the entire range of human-nature conflict scenarios facing biodiversity conservation.

6.       A nucleus of basic environmental awareness exists in the human population within the Tabunan area.

7.       Being part of a Protected Wildlife Area, the legal and administrative instruments already exist to support a conservation initiative.


Although our organization does not possess the means to undertake large-scale projects, we have been able to achieve several successes by the injection of money and effort at critical points. We believe that Tabunan Forest can only be saved through a joint, coordinated effort of all the interested parties and we would like to contribute to this effort.We believe we can be of use in the following areas:-

1.       We believe Tabunan would benefit from a Conservation & Biodiversity Education Center and have already formulated funding proposals which we have submitted to a major German sponsor. In view of the proposed new foundation, we would like this project to be integrated into the future master plan and we will tailor the project to suit any revised objectives.

2.       We further believe that the Tabunan area would benefit from a type of Kindergarten structured to maximize biodiversity awareness among the young children. Our proposals in this area are still at a rudimentary stage and we would welcome any cooperative assistance and local partners.

3.       We have already made MOAís with several farmers in Tabunan which encourage them to plant endemic tree species on the land they occupy. We believe integration of local people and a rise in their living standards to be of prime importance for the success of any venture in this area.

4.       We possess a wide range of contacts throughout Europe and see part of our role to be in encouraging foreign NGOís and individuals to support the restoration and conservation of Tabunan Forest. We publish a small conservation journal which is circulated to over one thousand people several times a year. This journal can be used to promote interest in Tabunan.


We would like to make two recommendations for the foundation to consider:-

1.       Since it appears that most, if not all, of the participants have access to e-mail, it would seem to be appropriate to set up a list serve for foundation members where the exchange of information would be facilitated.

2.       With the recent filming of the Cebu Flowerpecker by Discovery Channel in mind, we would suggest that in future no private or commercial photography, filming and recording of the forest and itís wildlife be allowed unless an agreement is signed regulating an initial fee and fixing royalty payments for any publication. If there are profits to be made from Tabunan some of these should at least go to help restoration and conservation of the forest.



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The survival of all species depends upon a minimum population size.Each population is, however, dependent, directly and indirectly, upon the existence of other species for food, population dynamics, social interaction, reproduction and healthy development. Tabunan Forest is a matrix of inter-locking and inter-dependent species which form a fragile ecosystem created and perfected over at least thirty thousand years. This particular ecosystem exists only in Cebu and now, after wholesale environmental destruction on the island, is reduced to about 183 h..

We know of at least another seven bird and two mammal species which have become extinct on Cebu in the last hundred years: The loss to Mankind is incalcuable.